They both share enormous love for skiing and it basically got them together. It is why they decided to spend their most important day in life according to this. It took them almost a whole year to organize a beautiful wedding in the Alps, but it was definitely worth it. December and snow contributed to the fact that the bride had to wear ski equipment instead of a wedding dress, but that was not a problem. On this wonderful wedding organized for 150 guests, they all had a good time, especially skiing fans that went to the adventure with the newlyweds right after they said yes for the rest of their lives!

All of these stories are very different, yet amazingly beautiful and special. The most important thing to know is that there isn’t a certain pattern that you need to follow to make your day beautiful. Just follow your heart and make sure that everything you do makes you happy, no matter what. Eventually, if you choose the right person to share your life with, that day will be beautiful anyways, no matter how you organize it.