I am Dave Lander from Boonsville, Texas and to me photography is more than just my profession, it’s my source of joy. I do wedding photography all across Boonsville and the entire state of Texas, but am always happy to travel wherever my work takes me.

I have been a photographer for the better part of my life, in fact since high school, when my dad surprised me with my first camera. Back then I used to carry it to school and take photos of my friends as we played then during the weekends I would take them to my uncle’s studio for processing and then redistribute them to my friends on Monday. The joy that my photos brought to them made me realize that this is what I wanted to do. Capture the happiest moments in our lives and make them a memory we can enjoy for the rest of our lives.

I have been doing wedding photography for more than 5 years now and I can honestly confess that this is one of the best jobs on the Globe. Meeting new couples and getting to share the life defining moments on their lives every week is simply breath taking. I got into photography at a young age to share the joy of this beautiful life with everyone and frankly this is what I do every day of my life. And what is more memorable and life changing moments than a wedding?

The beauty of wedding photography is that I get to reinvent myself with every event, remember all weddings are different and every couple have their own theme and designs. Plus my experience in taking photos of everything around me as a child helps me adapt to the different genres of photography involved in a wedding. In fact most of the time your guests won’t even notice my presence. But they will always be surprised with the shots captured.