Wedding Days

Although there are many extraordinary days in one’s life, such as a birth of a child, graduation, retirement and many others, the wedding day is a very special day. It is a day that you remember for the rest of your life and retell the stories for a very long period, even until the rest of your life. It’s a day dedicated to the bride and groom; a day in which everything needs to be perfect for them.

The newlyweds are the main actors on the wedding day, and everything is happening for them and in their favor. Depending on their wishes, weddings can be big, with hundreds of people, music and fun. On the other side, some people choose to have an intimate ceremony, only with the closest ones, or in certain cases, all alone. Here are some interesting stories from three couples from their most beautiful days in life.


They had a dream wedding on Seychelles. She wore a long beige dress, and he wore a linen white shirt and white short pants, which, however, were bought an hour before the wedding because his luggage was lost at the airport.

Since the wedding rings also remained in the suitcase, they had to improvise, so they purchased colorful rings from the hotel’s souvenir shop. The wedding was held at noon, on the beach, and the lunch was served by the pool in their hotel. Only the closest friends attended the wedding, and the couple then left for honeymoon.


The wedding of this beautiful couple was held on the island of Bali in a boho style with a combination of white and golden colors. Nothing at this wedding was typical, even the choice of wedding rings. Instead, the newlyweds chose the leather necklaces, with pendants that symbolize the eternal connection.

Although it would be expected that this was a small and intimate wedding, this couple had over 200 guests. As they had previously visited Bali, where they met five years ago, they had many friends, along with the family who arrived for the wedding.

James and Sarah Bowling-Themed Wedding

Most women dream of a fairy tale wedding followed by a happily ever after with the man of her dreams. The chances of having such a wedding on the other hand can be diminished since it can be difficult and stressful to plan the perfect wedding. This differs with every person because the preferences are different. One of the best ideas of a unique wedding is to plan a bowling-themed wedding. Some people may consider this to have little feminine touch but with proper incorporation, it can have the best infusion of both the bride and groom.

James and Sarah

James and Sarah wanted the best wedding even with a minimum budget. Since both of them liked bowling, they came up with the idea of having a bowling-themed wedding that would be held at a bowling alley instead of the modern wedding venues that most people opt for nowadays. With some creativity and a support system of friends and family, they were able to prove that cheap weddings can also be elegant and unique. From bowling pins that were lined up along the entrance with their names written on them, to the cake that was in the shape of bowling pins and ball, the entire wedding had a bowling aspect to it. To finish off, instead of a normal reception area they opted to go to a bowling party after the wedding. They had the guests sign a bowling pin instead of the usual book and followed this by giving out bowling trophies instead of the usual “thank you” notes. To give it a more personal touch, they had their names engraved on the trophies as well. In the end, all who attended the wedding were exhausted and satisfied with the amount of fun they’d had.

Although bowling shoes aren’t always considered admirable for weddings, there are great ways one can modify the looks of these shoes to make them perfect. For more details about bowling shoes go to this website: One most common ways is to have them engraved with a quote related to the wedding or the bride and groom. You can also chose to wear them in colors matching the wedding theme color to give the wedding a fun effect. With the endless possibilities on how to wear bowling shoes to a bowling-themed wedding, it’s becoming more common as most brides are realizing how efficient and effective they can be.

Aside from being creative with the bowling pins, one can also get creative with other bowling equipment like shoes to get the desired theme. It’s also not mandatory to use a bowling alley as a venue just for this theme. You can use a different venue with the bowling cake and decorations and opt to go to a bowling alley for the reception.

Bowling-themed weddings are becoming more popular due to different reasons like their uniqueness. The idea allows room for creativity that makes it unlikely to have the same wedding someone else has already had. They also tend to be cheaper and more fun compared to the more common traditional or church weddings, from designing the invitations to the actual wedding.


They both share enormous love for skiing and it basically got them together. It is why they decided to spend their most important day in life according to this. It took them almost a whole year to organize a beautiful wedding in the Alps, but it was definitely worth it. December and snow contributed to the fact that the bride had to wear ski equipment instead of a wedding dress, but that was not a problem. On this wonderful wedding organized for 150 guests, they all had a good time, especially skiing fans that went to the adventure with the newlyweds right after they said yes for the rest of their lives!

All of these stories are very different, yet amazingly beautiful and special. The most important thing to know is that there isn’t a certain pattern that you need to follow to make your day beautiful. Just follow your heart and make sure that everything you do makes you happy, no matter what. Eventually, if you choose the right person to share your life with, that day will be beautiful anyways, no matter how you organize it.